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Professionally designed websites that attract new members, retain existing members, and support your squadron with:

Easy to use content management.

Add and edit boating courses and events.
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Website Features

Our Fees...

We charge a set fee of $1,000 for initial design and setup. This includes all the features described here, and covers all design and development steps described here.

We ask that you pay half ($500) to start the process, and pay the remainder ($500) when the site is complete.

Continuing maintenance and hosting costs: $29 per month. If you pay this for the full year at a time, we give you two free months. In other words, pay $29 each month, or pay $290 each year for a savings of $58 each year.

This includes initial training and help for members in charge of the content for various parts of the site - via email and/or phone. It includes ongoing updates and upgrades. We respond within hours, if not immediately, to any email problem reports.